Talent wins games, Teamwork wins Championships!

Investment strategy

Ticket Sizes

We feel comfortable investing with amounts that are appropriate for companies at the beginning of their journey, but we know how to make broader moves that involve more investors.

Investments Stages

We are strategic investors who are interested in helping the companies in which we invest and contributing from the experience we have gained over the years. The area where we can produce a significant impact is in Pre-Seed, Seed and A rounds

Investment Scopes

We have identified that there is a significant gap in cyber defense capabilities and the ability of attackers to harm corporate assets. Building and strengthening cyber companies could change that balance

Israeli Startups

We believe in the success of Israeli high-tech companies. Our vision is to invest in promoting Israeli companies to international success.

The Team

We jointly bring decades of experience in the business, entrepreneurial and technological fields

We know how to generate added value beyond money that expressed in rich professional experience and connectivity to the American industry

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We invest in leading companies and funds, which bring value of true partnership and a desire to fulfill a vision of success

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